About our Community Garden


You will find our community garden on Russia Lane in Bethnal Green. We’ve transformed what was just a patch of grass into a beautiful garden.  

We have a very mixed group of members reflecting the rich diversity of the area and we’re super proud of how the garden brings together people from different countries and backgrounds. 

The local old people’s day centre has its own bed as does the local primary school. Some of the kids won’t have visited the countryside before our garden will be as close as they get to nature in action! 

There are raised beds for the members to grow their own veg, fruit and flowers, and there are shared beds full of herbs and strawberries. 

We have a rich bio-diversity policy and there’s a pond with frogs, toads and fish. The whole space is beautifully landscaped, with a wide variety of plants and flowers all helping to attract birds, bees, butterflies and creepy crawlies.

We grow a lot of fruit and have a well-established orchard in one corner of the garden. 

There’s a big patch of grass in the middle and we usually manage a couple of community events here every year.

Find Us

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Approach gardens is located just 5 minutes from Bethnal Green Tube station and 5 minues from Cambridge Heath Overground station. 

The garden is adjacent to Russia lane.