The latest news from Approach Gardens 


End of Growing Season, Repairs, Lottery Application- Autumn 2016


As another growing season comes to an end it’s time to take stock in our wonderful garden. We’ve made progress in so many areas but now find that many of our growing beds are simply falling apart. They were only ever built as a temporary solution and many of them have now really come to the end of their useful life.

Now that we’re well established as a community organisation, and have a five-year licence for our space, we’re able to apply for various sources of funding that were previously unavailable to us. This autumn we are applying to the Big Lottery Fund and if we’re successful it will see our make-shift beds replaced with solid constructions designed to last for many years.


Eid Celebration - 24th September 2016

Eid was celebrated in the childrens play area, next to Approach Gardens.  The event was very well attended, and the community came together to celebrate Eid


Best4Hedging- Update 2016

Last year we were lucky enough to take delivery of 250 native hedging plants (as detailed below). In just one year these plants have established themselves into beautiful hedges and, in years to come, will also yield fruit, nuts and flowers.

The pond area is now fully enclosed with hedging and, down one side, various berry bushes. The hedges also shield the new wilderness area and, beyond the pond, at the top of the wild flower meadow create a wide bush of wild ‘dog’ rose covering the railings to the dog’s toilet in the THH managed space behind! 

 Ivy and Climbers - Update 2016 

As a part of our bio-diversity award we planted three different types of ivy along the railings on north side of the garden. This is now incredibly well established and provides a source of food for the bees late into the year after the pollen is finished from other plants.  

Wildflower Meadow- Update 2016 

As a part of our bio-diversity award we planted a wildflower meadow. In its frost year we had a very bright coloured show but mostly of annuals we’d added to the seed mix. This year we have a very different show as the perennials show themselves. 

big lunch   Big Lunch 2015

The Big Lunch is returning to Approach Gardens on Saturday July 25th  2015 !

Last years event was a huge success, with the community coming together and having a great afternoon in the garden.  Lots of residents brought food and there were plenty of drinks flowing - and some amazing music by a local band!

This year we will be having a new band, along with lots of food and drink !

If you want to bring any party food, childrens food, cakes etc please feel free - the more food and drink people bring the better!

Best4Hedging Competition Win!

The garden has won 250 hedge plants in the best4hedging facebook competition.  Planting has begun - but its going to take some time!!!

We received six native species of hedges including Hawthorn and Dog Rose.

We have added a hedge within the pond area, to shield the pond and provide a habitat for wildlife.  There is also hedging in front of the pond, as well as some wonderful dog rose hedging towards the corner of the garden!

A massive thanks to Colin and Frank for spending so much time planting these great hedges!
  hedge small